Multi-Pole Approach to Structural Science

May 10 - 13, 2015

Wojciech Kwiatek

Professor, Dept. of Experimental Physics of Complex Systems
Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków, Poland

1. Education - scientific degrees

Professor - 2010, President of Polish Republic

Associate Professor - 2004, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, (IFJ PAN), Kraków, experimental physics

PhD - 1989, Institute of Nuclear Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Kraków, medical physics

MSc - 1981, Jagiellonian University (UJ), Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, nuclear physics.

2. Scientific experience

Elemental and structural analysis of bio-medical materials using different analytical techniques such as PIXE, PIGE, R(E)BS, XRF, TR-XRF, MCT, SRIXE, XANES, FTIR, FTRaman. Most recently, he takes part in experiments performed at the various synchrotron radiation facilities looking for elemental composition, oxidation state of selected elements, and chemical group composition of tissue sections and cells. He is applying synchrotron radiation based techniques, x-rays, proton beams and infrared. His main interest is in biological materials, normal and cancerous tissues and cells. He is looking for differences between cells and tissues caused by diseases, diets and ionizing radiation. The techniques he is applying for suppose to give the answer to the question about influence, diagnosis and therapy as well as better understanding of dieses etiology.

3. Recent Publications

E. Lipiec, R. Sekine, J. Bielecki, W.M. Kwiatek , B.R. Wood, "Molecular characterisation of DNA double strand breaks with Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (TERS)", Angew. Chem. 53 2014, 169 - 172 (IF=13.734)

K.Banas, A.Banas, M.Gajda, W.M. Kwiatek , B. Pawlicki, M.Breese, "Performance assessment and beam-line diagnostic based on evaluation of temporal information from infra-red spectral data sets by means of R environment for statistical analysis", Analytical Chemistry (2014) 86 (14), 6918–6923(IF = 5.695)

E.Lipiec, K.R. Bambery, P.Heraud, W.M. Kwiatek, D.McNaughton, M.J. Tobin, Ch.Vogel, B.R. Wood, Monitoring UVR induced damage in single cells and isolated nuclei using SR-FTIR microspectroscopy and 3D confocal Raman imaging, Analyst, 139(17),(2014) 4200-9. (IF=3.969)

E.Lipiec, J.Czapla, J.Szlachetko, Y.Kayser, W.M.Kwiatek, B. Wood, B. Glen, B. Deacon and J.Sá, Novel in situ methodology to observe the interactions of chemotherapeutical Pt drugs with DNA under physiological conditions, Dalton Trans., 2014, 43, 13839 - 13844 (IF=3.806)

G.J. Lis, J. Czapla-Masztafiak, W.M. Kwiatek, M. Gajda, E. Jasek, M. Jasinska, U. Czubek, M. Borchert, K. Appel, J. Nessler, J. Sadowski and J.A. Litwin, Distribution of selected elements in calcific human aortic valves studied by microscopy combined with SR-µXRF: influence of lipids on progression of calcification, Micron (2014) Micron 67 (2014) 141-8. (IF = 2,0622)

J. Czapla, W.M. Kwiatek, J. Lekki, J. Dulinska-Litewka, R. Steininger, J. Göttlicher - "Chemical species of sulfur in prostate cancer cells studied by XANES spectroscopy", Radiation Physics and Chemistry 93 (2013) 154-159 (IF = 1.375).